We help companies establish themselves in the Czech Republic and on foreign markets

The biggest added value of Handy Solution services is knowledge of the local environment and verified contacts, which companies would find it difficult to reach themselves.

We look for contacts and build relationships

We realize that relationships and carefully selected contacts are key to success in any field. We rely on long-term cooperation and an open relationship between suppliers and customers. We follow the WIN system – WIN – WIN satisfaction of both parties is key for us.

B2B Internationally

Thanks to our long-term operation in the European and Asian markets, we have very good relations with companies operating on these continents.

We can offer a comprehensive solution to your requirements. We can find a solution that is attractive in terms of price but also quality.

We are members of the Czech-Pakistani Chamber of Commerce.

Audit – analysis of the state of the company

Under the word audit, we can imagine a tax office or an obligation that you have to pay dearly because it is required by law.

What exactly is an audit? Audit means finding out the status.

We perform the most important and most practical research in companies, we always go for the causes that cause the unwanted state of the company.
Because we have a comprehensive overview of the ideal functioning of the company and we look at the company from a vantage point (unaffected by operational bad habits), we can identify the problem and find a suitable solution.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford