Handy People is a young, dynamic company. The founders have many years of experience in trade, agriculture, industry and services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Finland and other countries of the European Union and Asia.

We are really good at finding a solution. Thanks to our many years of experience in the business environment, we can offer you a comprehensive solution to your requirements. We can find a solution that is attractive in terms of price but also quality.

“Henry Ford knew that the best-earned crown was the crown he saved.”

We have taken these words for granted and save your time and money.

The basic philosophy of the company is maximum customer satisfaction and the highest possible product quality.
This philosophy and the ideal ratio of quality and price have helped us, for example, to enter the German and Austrian markets, which are famous for their quality requirements.

Our partners include proven manufacturers and suppliers from the European Union and Asia, thanks to which we are able to supply you with materials and products from these countries, or we can help you enter these foreign markets.